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Anti-Static Pad
Prepares any paper or plastic for embossing by eliminating static cling, moisture and oils.



WITHOUT Anti-Static Pad

USING Anti-Static Pad

Completed Project

When embossed WITHOUT using the Anti-Static Pad first, bits and smudges of loose embossing powder stick to the oils or dampness on the paper making a mess!

When embossed USING the Anti-Static Pad first, the anti-static powder does not allow the bits and smudges of loose embossing powder to stick to the oils or dampness, and your image is clean and clear.
Embossed image is crisp and clear and looks great when it is colored in and decorated!



Easy to use: just dust pad onto paper, 
then emboss as usual.

No loose bits of embossing powder to ruin
your stamped artwork.

One pad lasts through hundreds of uses.

We suggest you use it when embossing on our
Matchbook Note Pads.


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