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2015 Self-Stick
Calendar Pads
Fun, quick and easy additions to crafting projects! 

Small and Medium Sizes Only 


All sizes of Calendar Pads will have a 
Self-Stick Strip of Adhesive on the back:

Don't just make a card -- 

Everyone will keep it around all year long!!!




2015 Calendar Pads

75% OFF Packs of 50 and 100

50% OFF Packs of 25

  • Self-stick adhesive strip on the back (see picture at left)

  • Each Calendar Pad has 12 individual tear off sheets of  white paper printed with red and black ink. The Small and Larges sizes also have an extra page on the front showing December 2014.

  • Small size fits inside Matchbook Note Pad. Click on this link: Matchbook Note Pad  to get to the Matchbook Note Pad page.

  • For quantities over 1000 (of one size) please call for price

Available in 2 sizes shown below (at Approximate Actual Size)

Large Size is Sold Out


Small Calendar includes December 2014 Page on Top

                  SMALL:  1-3/4" x 1-1/2"
   25 for $11.25  Sale  $5.63 
   50 for $20.95  Sale  $5.24 
 100 for $39.95  Sale  $9.99  

                MEDIUM:  2-3/8" x 1-11/16"
   25 for $12.95  Sale  $6.48 
   50 for $22.95  Sale  $5.74 
 100 for $41.95  Sale $10.49 



Large Calendar includes December 2014 Page on Top

                    LARGE:  3" x 2-1/4"



               Sold Out






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