2017 Self-Stick Calendar Pads 

(Samples shown smaller than actual size )

2017 Self-Stick
Calendar Pads
at 2016 Prices!

Limited Quantities

This is what customers are saying about our Calendar Pads:
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Our REGULAR LINE of Calendar Pads have a 
    Self-Stick Strip of Adhesive on the back:


Don't just make a card --








  • 3 Sizes of Calendars available - with Self-Stick Strip of Adhesive on back 

  • Each Calendar Pad has 12 individual tear off sheets of  white paper printed with 
    red and black ink. 

  • The Small and Large sizes also have an extra page on the front showing December 2016.  

  • Small size fits perfectly inside Matchbook Note Pad. 
    (Click on this link:
    Matchbook Note Pad  to get to the Matchbook Note Pad page.)

Available in 3 Sizes shown below (at Approximate Actual Size)


Available at 2016 prices 

for a Limited Time Only!

REGULAR LINE that has Self-Stick Adhesive Strip here:



SMALL With Strip:  1-3/4" x 1-1/2"

    10 for $ 4.50   
    25 for $ 9.75   
    50 for $17.50   
  100 for $31.00   


 MEDIUM With Strip:  2-3/8" x 1-11/16"

     10 for $ 4.80  
     25 for $10.50  
     50 for $19.00  
   100 for $34.00  

With Strip:  3" x 2-1/4"

     10 for $ 5.10   
     25 for $ 11.25  
     50 for $ 20.50  
   100 for $ 37.00   


This is what customers are saying about our Calendar Pads:

"I love them . . . so cute! I put one inside Christmas Cards 
every year!"

"I craft gifts for family and friends - always use calendar pads"

"As a teacher, these are awesome for projects with my students"

"I'm a photographer . . . I add a calendar to the front, a magnet to 
the back, and they are ready to put on the fridge. Customers LOVE them!"




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